A downloadable innvovative VN

This is actually a prototype, i'll now work on adding a little more to the story and images.

This project will have 4 different type of gameplay, 2 ar actually present on this version, that will be down to one on the next version.

There will be many ending, some of them are characters good ending, other are only endings, but only one is the player ending. Oh, and there will be custom endings too!

Nothing is permanent and many changes will happen.

There will be a lot of CG to unlock and I want to make it hard but rewarding to achieve the last ending.

I'm currently alone on the project but if you want to help me, feel free to ask! You can also follow me on Twitter (@Dragonmemo3) to know how the project is going!

I'm french so english is not my native language, tell me in comment if there is something that seems off.
Why is there so many . in the version's name?
The number is the part of the game that achieved this state (Graphic to come).
Finished(1 or 0) . Translated to french . Clean animation . Clean images and music . Clean English . Some Animation . Images and Music . Part written

Install instructions

Extract and launch the executable file.


MagieSauvage- 51 MB

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